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10 Bedroom Fantasies Every Guy Has Had At Least Once

It’s in your head, and it’s starting a stir below the belt, but that’s the extent of it. Sometimes you share it. Sometimes you act on it. But without fail, you will have it. I’m talking about a sexual fantasy. Men love them and they will never…

Here are real Sex Tips That Aren’t Bullshit

1. Treating someone’s body like it is literally the best thing you have ever seen EVER.

“Absolute adoration of your body is DEFINITELY one.” —Erika Isme (Facebook)

2. Knowing the importance of consent.

When you’re changing from one action to another, ask if it’s OK. Once again, you can make this sexy…

Seven Reasons Why She Won’t Sleep With You

According to some very questionable statistics, it takes a woman only 30 seconds from meeting a guy to know if she’s ever going to sleep with him.

So how do girls make this decision in such short time? Here are reasons

Confidence: Every woman knows that…

How to tell if she’s got a BIG VAG!NA

It’s always been said that you can tell a man’s p3_nis size by the size of his feet, but did you know that you can actually get an approximate idea about the size and shape of a woman’s vag_!na based on her facial features?

This will get you any girl's phone number

In a lot of scenarios it is necessary to get a girls number to set up a date. When you first approach a woman you can usually tell if she is busy, or isn’t open to spending more time with you in that…
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