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7 Sure Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Going To Be Rich

Ladies, not every guy is a member of the lucky sperm club. Not every poor guy today is worth investing in. Some are simply hopeless and will never hit it big.
Some are purely millionaires in the making. But to spare you from…

10 Signs That Your Partner No Longer Loves You and will dump you soon

All the everyday little details can show you whether your man feels the same way for you. These small details can also show you what you usually do not want to realize, which is that the love that you once felt for…

12 Amazing Se_x Tricks He Secretly Wants You to Know

These are the super-easy, anyone-can-do-them tricks your husband really, really wishes you'd learn.
In Beverly Hills, where I live, there's a whole cosmos of se_x consu_ltants, coaches, and "healers" who stand ready to enlighten you, under the palm-shaded sun, for jackpot fees ($100 an hour and up). My…

GUYS! 7 Ways To Spot A H0rny Woman From Afar

How do you spot a h0rny woman? Most men will tell you, ‘when she is wet.’ But you really can’t go around feeling up random strangers to find out which of them is h2rny.

Do not fret though, if you are observant and shrewd, you will notice…

TO ALL MEN: 6 reasons why you must NOT date a V!RGIN

There are some girls that you should just never date. These girls are either too bossy, too possessive or total psychos! However, when it comes to the subject of dating virgins, men are undecided. Most men, at least Indian men actually…

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