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Ways to Deal With Neighbors Who Have REALLY Loud Se_x

NOT SURE whether staying the night is on the cards? We consider some tricky se.x pickles.

How does one deal with embarrassing situations when they happen? Like noisy neighbours, for example?

If you heard two people shouting and screaming at each other and heard…

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9 reasons why men love se_x but hate commitment

Ladies, have you ever heard of gamophobia? How about philophobia? Chances are you might not have heard of either, but you’ve probably dated a guy who has been one or the other, maybe even both.

Does this sound familiar?

You meet a charming good-looking…

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5 things you need to KNOW before paying for S_EX!

Paying for se_x is taboo – nobody wants to admit doing it. It is gross, weird, or even perverse. At least that is what some people say. But there is a huge market for paid se_x. Love Matters Africa’s Stephanie Haase takes a…

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Dirty Questions to ask a girl and make her Super We.t and H0RNY

Have you ever wanted to  se-duce a girl with words and don't know how? Here are the 20 d!rty questions to ask a girl over text and you can make her do all the 5e xy Gestures.


Are you alone? This question is perfect…

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6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About C0ndoms

For a very long time, co ndoms have been known to be highly preferred for safe intimacy and s 3xual relationship. However, quite a lot of people do not know some important things about co ndoms, how it came about and some…

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