1) All men are dogs and all they want is s.e.x

A good number of single mothers short-change themselves by adopting this terrible attitude towards men. How I wish I was perched atop a mountain or a rooftop to shout this point. Just because you had this nasty experience with the father to your child (ren), doesn’t mean all men are ‘b.e.asts’. Thing is, and ladies please repeat this after me, there are many great men out there.

Just don’t ask me where to find them
Want a great date? Beautiful African women can be won over, if you know what to do. Get our tips and become the real master of courting.

Ladies are just ladies regardless of where you go to date them. African women have a set of particular requirements for men, but these 10 tips to attract and date beautiful African women are going to help you be well-off in finding a great date.

Be comfy in your own skin self confidence. Nowadays you can meet tons of guys, who seem to be putting so much
So, you have decided that you want to add a little pink bundle of joy to your life? Well, it’s no longer just hope for the best! From the silly to the super scientific, we have compiled a list of tips for mommies who are looking to get pregnant with a baby girl. Here we go!

Have se.x 2-3 days before ovulation

Female sperm are bigger than male sperm, but that means they are also slower swimmers. The girls also live longer than the boys. This means that by having se.x a few days
After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, things might start getting comfortable. Which is a good thing! However, sometimes you and your partner may fall into some not-so-cool habits—especially during fights—that can actually damage your relationship over time. If you catch yourself doing any of the following (and most of us do a number of these at least once in a while!) try to make an effort to curb these behaviors ASAP.

Passive aggressive behavior
Instead of
Ah, discussing se_x with women is quite an interesting experience. Just the other day, I asked one of my girl friends what she secretly wants her man to do to her in bed. Her reply was not what I expected. She basically had a list of errors.

"Well, he never kisses me when we make love. I hate that. Then there's the fact that he rarely, if ever, goes down on me. And if that's not terrible enough, he's done before I even get wet."
Yeah, enough with the whining already
Men want to make love, they make their intentions quite clear. But when women have it on their mind, it is hard for them to be so explicit. That is why; it is important for men to know the signs that she wants to sleep with you. Only if you know the signs that she wants to have do it, you will be able to score chicks.
Here are some of the most basic signs that she wants to sleep with you:
1. She Touches You On False Pretexts.
2. She Sits Too Close For Comfort.

3. She Dresses To
Men love to use breasts as a prop, no matter the size, shape, or color – a large one is loved for its largeness and a small one is loved for its handiness while a pointed one is good for sucking and a round one is cool for massaging

Men love breasts.
It is a natural attraction that 99% of men share from birth and it remains with them until death.

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive parts of a woman is her boobs and, with the cleavage exposure we see these days, it is one of
1. A Lady needs 25-30 minutes to be ready for s.ex, take your time while holding her.

2. Massage her slowly, kiss her lips, b.oobs and if possible go down and lick her punani.
3. Let her to hold your d.ick and insert it into her wet punani, this shows that she is ready for you.
4. Don’t hurry to e.jaculate, at least take 35 minutes.
5. Make sure that at the time of e.jaculating, the lady should also be at the time of o.rgasm.
6. After you e.jaculate, don’t remove
S.ex often leads to deadly diseases and subsequent death if done wrongly, however, when a faithful couple engages in sex at the right time, in the right way, it is said to be a remedy for curing lot’s of diseases and medical conditions.

Below are 25 known medical conditions researchers, doctors and scientists have discovered that sex can easily get rid of:
1. Depression:
Without the help of researchers, just about anyone can agree that sex will make you feel good about yourself and
There is always something that girls aren’t telling the guys that they are with. Some are a bit strange, others are a bit sneaky, but others are downright crazy.

Here are the top 10 crazy things or facts that your girl may be hiding from you.
1.Secretly, girls want all of your ex-girlfriends to be beautiful. This is the easiest way for girls to compare their beauty with others. If your girlfriend is searching through your Facebook list for ex-girlfriends, it is probably so that she
In this article I’ll show you exactly how to get laid on the first date from how to greet her to how to take off her pants: every step is covered in meticulous detail. These tactics have been refined to a science over the last decade and a half and I promise you guys, this shit is for real.
If I’ve met the girl from day game I won’t do heavy se_xual screening before the date because of the time invested to meet them, meeting girls on foot is much less efficient than online. Also the girls I
Here's why you need a nasally-gifted guy.

I can't tell you how many times I've said, "Wow, he's cute" to friends and gotten the response, "Yeah, but he has a big nose." What? Isn't that the best part?
Something about a big nose always makes me think they have a great personality: funny, strong, full of life. How could a nose not signify something? It's the most prominent feature on your face.

Turns out, I'm not alone. From ancient
You all know the saying: “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.” Dudes and chicks simply communicate in different ways, and this leaves a lot of room for error in communication! How to tell? How to know if a girl likes you? You will discover the VITAL signs in the next few minutes.

There is a Great Image to Test Yourself for 30 Signs in the End. Make Sure to Check It Out!
Girls have a vast array of emotional and physical tells when they are attracted to a boy! These are
You're three glasses of wine deep, his hand is on your thigh and your loins are sizzling like a Portuguese steak. You know this date's going to end with sexy time.

There's just one question: His place or yours?
Personally, I'm all about home-ground advantage. Going to a new guy's house is taking a huge risk. Sure, he might live in a gorgeous home with an infinity pool and a Nespresso machine. But what if he lives in a dingy basement with an illegal monkey named
It is normal that it has a certain odor sometimes. Whether this natural smell is neutral or not, it is a matter of personal judgment. In fact, some women notice their odor when there is no notable odor detected by their partners.

An abnormal vag*nal odor is usually associated with other vag*nal signs and symptoms such as itching, burning, irritation or discharge.

Here are 9 reasons that possibly causes smelly vag*na so you can stop feeling self-conscious:
1. Excessive washing:

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