S.ex can be a bonding or loving experience, a formality, fun and exciting, or even immoral or illegal. Whatever you want to call it, there’s no doubt that s.ex makes the world go ’round. Every culture is different, with different morals and lifestyles, and that is a great word to describe these ten particular practices: Different.
Westerners might consider themselves somewhat s.exually liberated, or at least headed in that direction, and while that may be the case, there are

Somizi Mhlongo is a South African celebrity choreographer, singer, actor and television personality known for his flamboyant appearances on television shows.

Here are facts things you didn't know about Somizi Mhlongo:

1. Somizi was born in Soweto, Gauteng.

2. He was born in 1972.

3. He is the son of veteran actress Mary Twala and the late actor Ndaba Mhlongo.

4. He had a daughter with former lover Palesa Madisekwane.

5. His daughter Lehlohonolo Bahumi is 21

1. When you need to clean your microwave.
Microwave a bowl of water and lemon juice for 5 minutes to make caked on food easy to clean right out.
2. When you need to chop an onion.
Cut the ends off the onion and microwave it for 30 seconds so the odors won't make you cry.
3. When you want to make corn on the cob.
Take the husk off the corn, wrap it in a paper towel and put it in the microwave for no more than 3 minutes. 
4. When
Seventy-five percent of the world’s poorest countries are located in Africa, including Zimbabwe, Liberia and Ethiopia. For the past two years, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa’s second largest country, has also been ranked the poorest in the world with a Gross Domestic Product (based on purchasing-power-parity) of $394.25 in 2013.
According to Gallup World, in 2013, the 10 countries with the highest proportion of residents living in extreme

Many studies have proved that educated politicians tend to make better politicians than those who are not educated. Highly educated leaders can easily lead their nation towards prosperity. Not all African leaders received higher education. Some of them don’t even have high school certificate or diploma.

We look at the 10 least educated African presidents.

10) Denis Sassou-Nguesso (Republic of Congo)
Denis Sassou-Nguesso has been the President of the Republic of the Congo since 25

African women in general are well endowed and quite curvy. And also In Africa, there are quite a good number of Ladies with stunning figures which wow their viewers and keep them glued to their Images as they see them online or offline. and without Further Ado let’s take some quick. Look at the Top 10 Most Curvy And Best Shaped Ladies From Africa with nice figures.

#10: Angola
#9: Zambia
#8: Uganda
#7: Somalia

#6: South Africa
#5: Zimbabwe
#4: Liberia
#3: Nigeria

The 10 biggest alcohol drinking nations in Africa has always been a topic of big debate between us Africans, but for sure alcohol consumption in eastern Europe and south America is a culture, especially in Russian federation, Belarus and Ukraine even Germany all have a record on alcohol consumption.
In many countries people don’t always wake up to a Saturday morning the same. some get up really sober why some get up really hang overred, On this exclusive article we shall try to solve

Justin Trudeau, child of the fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, was chosen Prime Minister which introduced Canada’s first political administration. The idea of political lines is frequently seen as tricky inside of Africa, despite the fact that line is not an inconsistency in different parts of the world. The United States, for instance, has had two father-child presidents in its history.
The principal were John Adams and his child, John Quincy Adams, who were the second

Before a man proposes to woman he ought to have interacted with lots different types and thought she is the one worth spending the rest of his life with. However, there will always be one or two women he will never forget because they either gave him an amazing experience or broke his heart. Below is a list of 9 most interesting types of women every man should date at least once in his life.

1)    The taken lady

She has a boyfriend whom she claims to love very much

Jacob Zuma is the current president of South Africa, and has been since 2009. He is also the president of the African National Congress. He is a controversial politician, involving himself in several legal scandals associated with corruption and racketeering. A polygamist, Zuma has 20 children. He has for a long time been in the spotlight for political and personal reasons. Zuma was reelected in the 2014 election

Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jacob Zuma.
1. His full name

This top 10 list of most dangerous countries in Africa is based on the degree instability and danger that commonly erupt in these countries. Most of these countries are characterised by war and political instability, acts of terrorism, crimes against humanity. This list is taken from the Global Peace Index report of 2012. Global Peace Index has been classifying 153 countries according to how peaceful they are. The 2012 Global Peace Index has actually discovered that the world has become

Ever woke up in the morning, went to the bathroom and checked yourself in the mirror. Looking right back at you is this striking beautiful, hot or handsome being. The next morning you go check the mirror only this time a cheap knockoff and ugly version of you looks back. You pinch yourself to confirm it’s not a nightmare. The following are 6 reasons why you transformed from being fairest to the ugly version of you overnight.

1)    Mood
When you are in a good mood

‘What three words would you use to describe yourself?’

The lighting is always perfect in hotel bathrooms. It’s hard to resist the temptation to take a selfie though you know that the tiled wall in the background will give your location away.

She arches a perfectly shaped eyebrow and bites her lip, ‘I’m quirky, individual and-‘
‘Beautiful,’ I think, but I don’t say it out loud.

I’m only half listening now because my mind is preoccupied with thoughts of how perfect she

So, you may be dating the same woman for a few years. Or just a few months. Maybe you’re still sleeping around and not ready to settle down. But regardless of where you are in your life and relationships, when it comes to your sexual routine, there are always new tools you can add to your toolbox. And better yet -- we have the sex experts who can tell you exactly what you were doing wrong, what you could be doing, and how to really, really surprise and satisfy her with new moves she’ll

If you’ve ever felt like beautiful women your age are out of your league, you might just be right. Take a look at 19-year-old Lerato. She’s undeniably pretty. She’s pretty smart, too, as she’s enrolled in a medical science degree in her native South Africa in the hopes of eventually becoming a doctor. And unless you’re older than she is and totally loaded with cash, she doesn’t want anything to do with you.
After several bum dates with guys her age, she took her friends’ advice and

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