We’ve been reviewing for the past week se_xual positions, today is no different. Spicing up se_x is awesome in relationships, it also allows you to learn more about your partner’s interests.

It is also very nice to have standing se_x positions, if your height and your partner’s height is around the same region, and it’s a great work-out routine if you’re the fitness buff.

1. Standing Se_x

Like I said in the intro, this requires some kind of strength and stamina. You need to lift her, grab her by the thi_ghs and let her legs wrap around you while she puts her hands over your shoulder. The difficulty level of this is very high and you’re also at risk of serious injury. If you don’t have the strength, don’t try it or you risk dropping your bae/boo.

2. Against A Wall

The movies love this one, its like they’re go to se_x position for couples who are intensely in love with each other and can’t wait to get into bed even if it is 2 feet away. It’s a slight modification of the first one, and it means it isn’t all on you, as you can rely on the wall for support. It allows for inti_macy, a lot of kissing can happen on here.

3. Standing From Behind

This is one for public places, it’s a simple stance, both standing, she backs you while the guy enters her from behind, she can be upright but she might need support from a wall, tree or which vertical object you can find. A table can also work here.

4. Woman On Table Se_x

This position is very intense and a dominating one for the guy. The guy has his feet firmly planted on the ground is mostly advised while holding onto her thighs for support, the lady’s bu_tt is pushed right onto the edge of the table, almost overhanging a tiny bit. Her legs can be wrapped the guy’s neck or put together to one side of the guy’s shoulder. The position gives a lot of power to the guy and intense thrusting is also allowed. – imzansi

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