Can you imagine realizing that suddenly you are pregnant but have not had any physical encounter or have you always used protection? Surely it would be the fright of your life, some will tell you that it was the work of the Holy Spirit or that it happened to the Virgin Mary to you as well. However, the reality is that you can get pregnant without a meeting, and although the possibilities are few do not cease to exist.

According to biology, a sperm can be in a woman’s uterus for 5 to 7 days before fertilizing an egg. Out of there in a normal outdoor environment, it can last two hours and this time is super important because that is where you could somehow have contact with him.

To avoid any unplanned situation here we leave you seven ways in which you can get pregnant without having any encounter:

1. Previous game

A hug and a kiss lead to something else and when you least expect it, your partner and you are already groping on all sides. Although they have not removed their clothes, your boy reaches his maximum point, but his crotch and other areas are close to your private area and those fluids stick to your clothes … this is enough for the sperm to reach your uterus.

2. For self-satisfaction

Sometimes there are couples who repent at the mere hour. For some reason, nothing happens at all, but they decide to take pleasure together. If your boy finishes, his hand is left with residues and with that same one he gives you love, right there he transported the necessary thing to get pregnant without being inside of you.

3. With “la puntita”
Some people believe that if there is no meeting or if your boy ends up outside nothing happens, but it is NOT like that. It is enough that the famous little tip is there to cause a pregnancy, because before reaching the maximum point your member can release a liquid with sperm and those are enough to create a baby.

4. Using the back door

f you thought that you did not run any risk here, you’re wrong. Remember that this is a hole you use to eject and that is just what will happen if your boy ends there. This can make the sperm travel to your area, since the distance is not much between your back and your private area, therefore it would arrive at the right place and ready, you could be a mom in a few months.

5. Open a male contraceptive with teeth

It is understandable that in the moment you and your partner earn your passion and want to do things a little faster end up opening the ‘hat’ with your teeth. This is a common mistake however, one of the most risky, because you can break your method of protection with the edge your white pearls. And while you thought you were protected, reality was different.

6. By artificial insemination

This method is used by couples who have naturally had difficulty getting pregnant. Some methods involve placing sperm inside the girl, others join ovum with sperm externally and once fertilized they introduce it … but the action you enjoy so much does not happen.

7. When you are already pregnant

Wait, what? As you read it, this strange and unusual phenomenon is known as “superfeiting”. This happens when you are already pregnant and you continue to ovulate. The second fertilized egg sticks to the walls of the uterus resulting in a second pregnancy.

As you read the possibilities are few but they exist. The best way not to get pregnant is by taking care of the places where, how and when you do it with your partner.

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