Recently ,i have been forced to give information about how to grow big butt.I have two clients so far who i am training for this here in Mukono and so far things are going well.Now i just want you to know that before you desire a gigantic ass,you should know these negative things.
1.Dresses that fit on your upper body are completely insubstantial from the waist down.

2.You have to buy belts for almost all your pants because they can not correctly fit your waist, hips and thighs

3.A lot of time you will surely spend trying to pull pats up your mega thighs.

4.There is something about an big butt ,it keeps growing so get ready to ditch your jeans/pants since they will tear most just between the but .

5.It is expensive to have a big butt. Name it;dressing,transport,walking.

6.It seems like that soft big ass leaks through chairs that are designed with gaps

7.You will knock down stuff sometimes without realizing

8.You can not hide from someone by turning away,they will see your ass and recognize you

9.You have to thing think twice to put on leggings,for they will overstretch and practically show your big butt

10.Feel uncomfortable walking upstairs with someone directly behind you

11.Sorry you can not put on shorts,i mean unless you do not care about decency because your big butt will always be peeping out

12.Again do not feel jealous because your butt has a better social life than yours

13.You can not complain because everyone will tell you you have what every one wishes for

14.You will find it hard squeezing through small places,crowds.

15.Most likely sweat will make you feel so uncomfortable

16. In case you help your self in the toilet,it can be so hard to clean yourself properly

Somehow your pant always finds a way to show

I could go on and on ,their might be many advantages as well but ,having a moderate ass is better that having a big butt.As we see it comes in handy.Now its not a crime to have one, some come naturally and others choose to make them artificially(death trap) though you could grow quite a big butt in safe ways like exercise.But you should know some of the reasons above will have to be considered .

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