Kissing babies is a nice thing. Moms love to kiss their newborn babies as a way of expressing their love for them. However, this is dangerous as the little one will be prone to various germs that lead to deadly infections. There are many reasons you should not kiss a baby or let anyone kiss them. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Various respiratory infections are common in cold seasons like cold, flu and cough. Adults with such infections will easily pass them to their babies through kissing. When a baby catches these infections, chances are the baby will end up with pneumonia. Pneumonia is a killer disease in babies.

2. Herpes simplex infection

A person with herpes infection will pass this infection by simply kissing a baby. The infection can also be passed to an adult through mouth to mouth kissing.

3. Chemicals in skin care products

Adults apply various chemicals and skin care products on their faces and mouth every day. These products are very dangerous to babies as they expose them to cancer risks when in contact with them through being kissed.

4. Kissing disease

Both teenagers and babies are prone to mononucleosis. This is a diseases you get through kissing. When a baby gets this disease, she/he will have a runny nose and being cranky. The bad news is that there is no treatment for this disease. A baby will have to suffer until the diseases clears up itself.

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