Whatever you prefer to do after s3x is entirely up to you. You can snuggle with your partner, get up and leave, or flip on Netflix and continue whatever show you were halfway through when you started making out. But when it comes to physical and mental health, there are several after sex mistakes that can have a pretty big impact on your body and your relationship, and are thus worth staying away from if possible.

By knowing what these mistakes are — and how to fix them — you can maintain your health, and make the most of those post-s3x moments. “Taking care of yourself after s3x is so important for your body and mind,” Dr. Rashmi Kudesia Pabari, a Health Advisor for Healthy Women, tells Bustle. “Taking the time to establish healthy habits ensures that you can have the best possible communication and intimacy with your sexual partner, discuss things that were great or bothersome, and maintain your gynecologic health.”

And, if you’re having s3x with someone you’d consider a partner, the moments afterward can offer the perfect opportunity to bond. By lingering in bed, for example, “it makes the most of the hormone rush of oxytocin (often referred to as the ‘bonding hormone’) that women generally experience after sex,” Pabari says. Here are a few common mistakes people make after s3x, according to experts, as well as how to fix them.

There are sure mix-ups that couple more often than not does before or in the wake of engaging in sexual relations.

Furthermore, they may destroy the involvement with your accomplice.

1. Don’t rush to use a bathroom.

Jennifer Bump, MD, says, You may have heard that you should pee instantly after having sex, but a little urine isn’t going to create a difference. Don’t rush things, snuggle a little. But, if you naturally want to pee, then don’t wait.

2. No wine.

Drinking a lot before having sex may make it unsatisfactory. 11% of people around the world face problem achieving orgasm because of their drinking habits.

3. Don’t dare to try this position!

After having an incredible lovemaking, it’s suggested not to elevate your pelvis. It is said that you should only do that when you want to conceive a baby. Watch out how you lie after having sex!

4. Don’t forget to take a thorough shower before having sex.

If your partner has an uncircumcised penis, then don’t feel shy to ask him to take a thorough shower before he enters you. There are significant chances of bacteria getting transferred to you during sex if he has not cleaned that place.

5. Don’t eat too much before or after having sex.

Don't eat too much before or after having sex.

Eating lots of whole grain, and veggies before having sex may give you a gassy stomach. Try this only if you’re ready to feel embarrassed in front of your partner.

6. If used, then make sure you wash your sex toys before keeping them away.

If used, then make sure you wash your sex toys before keeping them away.

If you’ll keep them at their secret place without cleaning, then there’s better chance of them getting infected and growing some microorganisms. Before using sex toysagain, don’t forget to use anti-bacterial spray or wipes.

7. Don’t use a lubricant that includes menthol.

Don't use a lubricant that includes menthol.

Perimenopausal and menopausal women are prone to experience a thinning on a vaginal tissue, which leads to sensitivity.

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