Boobs are the most exciting part of a female body, and if you just consider them like any other body part, then you will be amazed by the mind-boggling facts about your boobs. No, we are not at all kidding!

Read on to be surprised by amazing boob facts.

1. There Are 8 Different Types Of Boob Nipples

These are puffy, inverted, bumpy, flat, hairy, protruding, supernumerary and unilateral inverted. And having these nipples is pretty normal.


2. Boobs Weigh A little

Do you know the weight of your boobs is up to 3-4 kilos and around 4-5% of your body’s fat is contained in them?

3. The Size Of Breast Differs Each Month

During your monthly periods when everything seems so dark then at that time the size of your breast changes too. Because of the hormones produced by your body, they swell up and get bigger in size. No need to worry as they get back to normal within no time.

4. Breast Shape Fluctuates

If you sleep your face down on your bed, then it can alter the shape of your breast. So to keep the shape of your boobs as they are, sleep on your side.

5. Breastfeeding Is Pretty Good

There is no need to be scared of breastfeeding because it is pretty awesome! It helps you in losing the baby fat, decreases the risk of cancer and heart diseases, changes the functioning of your brain and kicks in the maternal instincts. Need more benefits?

6. There Is A Real Glass Shaped After Kate Moss’ Breast

A Kate Moss’ left breast is there in actual at London’s 34 restaurants. And it is super famous!

7. Your Boobs Are Not Identical

Your breasts are not always identical. One boob could be smaller than another, and that is pretty okay.

8. World’s Largest Breast Size Exists

L is the world’s largest bra cup not DD and the smallest size is AAA. A woman called Annie Hawkins-Turner needs bra 48V size because she has the world’s largest natural breast, but she wears a 52L bra because the 48V bra is not manufactured yet.

9. Breasts Also Have Their T-Zone

Similar to our face, breasts also have breakouts. There are oil glands in between and above the area of breasts which makes them to breakout easily like pimples and blackheads.

10. Stimulation Of Nipples Is Real

Nipple stimulation is one of the best ways to turn a woman on. Nipple stimulation is here to stay and real because only through nipple stimulation some women can achieve an orgasm. Isn’t it impressive?

11. Daily 4 Million Bras Are Produced

And you think you made the wrong choice, huh?

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