This may leave you in a state of shock as a Lucknow based man has rot his penis after using a new brand of condom that claimed to give him extended pleasure.

Who knew sex could be so devastating before? A Lucknow based man ended up rotting his penis, his quest to get the most out of his sex life is to be blamed. All this happened when the condom that was supposed to give him ‘extended pleasure’ resulted in an allergic reaction. When his penis began to swell up, became painful and some parts turned black, the man went to King George’s Medical University in Lucknow, stated a recent media report. Doctors highlighted that the man did not have any drug allergies. A series of tests conducted on him showed that he did not suffer from any sexually transmitted infections.

A medical case report revealed that the patient was diagnosed as suffering from allergic contact dermatitis and gangrene of the penis which means parts of his penis started rotting away. It was observed that the new condom brand had a typical medication, benzocaine which, according to doctors, is used for extended pleasure latex condoms for elongating the duration of sexual intercourse and decrease premature ejaculation.

Doctors say that such cases are extremely rare. However, there are certain risk factors that may make a man more prone to suffering from penile gangrene like diabetes, a trauma to the penis, penis operations and using sex toys.

The patient was given antibiotics for reducing the swelling and had to operate his penis for removal of the rotting tissue followed by a skin graft. The treatment went on for three weeks and he was doing well within six months and reported the patient did not have any sexual or urinary complaints.

Avoid condoms that contain Benzocaine

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