So, you want to know how to fake a pregnancy test?

We are not surprised!

While the world panics and is more than serious while taking a pregnancy test, some people revel in fooling others…

By making a fake positive pregnancy test!

A pregnancy test tests the presence of hCG in a urine sample and shows it using symbols or lines.

Well, it turns out, you can easily fake a pregnancy test or buy a fake pregnancy test to give a wrong positive pregnancy test.

And in this article, we are going to tell you about the most effective and ridiculously easy ways to fake a positive pregnancy test!

How To Prepare To Fake A Pregnancy Test?
Anything which is not real or present has to be subconsciously instilled in someone’s mind. So you need to start planting the seed in your partner’s mind weeks before the prank day.

If you are faking a pregnancy test, then you need to plan it skillfully. Do things like telling people that you’ve missed your periods and you feel some early pregnancy symptoms.

All this will enhance the impact of the fake pregnancy test and help to divert people’s mind from the loopholes of the fake positive pregnancy test.

How To Fake A Positive Pregnancy Test?
Faking a positive pregnancy test is not as difficult as it may seem at the first thought of it.

It is easier to fake a positive pregnancy test than getting a real positive pregnancy test!

So, here we tell you how to fake a pregnancy test positive easily.

Get a fake pregnancy test: You can get everything ready-made and so can you get a fake pregnancy test. Fake pregnancy tests are available in the market and at places such as Craigslist. They already come as a positive pregnancy test or might have a way of faking a pregnancy test. These prank pregnancy tests always turn positive. But they look like a real pregnancy test with all the packaging and details. Make sure you keep it away from your partner who is your prank target!

Ask your pregnant kin/friend to pee on it to fake a positive pregnancy test: What better than getting a real pregnancy test as a fake pregnancy test? A pregnant woman will always have a positive pregnancy test so you can take her help. And generally, a positive pregnancy test stays like that for some time. But it can even vanish so make sure you don’t run out of the time.

Use Cola to get a fake positive pregnancy test: Cola can give you a positive pregnancy test. No, Cola isn’t pregnant, but it can somehow give you a positive pregnancy test. Dip the strip of the pregnancy test in a glass filled with Cola and keep it in until the strip gets wet. Wait for the test to become a fake positive pregnancy test.

Draw a line using a pen to fake a positive pregnancy test: This is the surest shot way of faking positive pregnancy test. The best way for faking positive pregnancy test is to take a pink pen and make two lines in the result window. It will be a long-lasting pregnancy test. Don’t try to remove the strip unless you are sure that you’ll be able to place it again.

Take the test when you are on your periods to fake a positive pregnancy test: When you are on your periods, you get blood with your urine. This might give you a fake positive pregnancy test. The positive pregnancy test will be nothing but blood. So this is a way to have a positive result.

Use an expired pregnancy test which fakes a positive pregnancy test:

An expired pregnancy test can give you a wrong pregnancy test result, but it’s tricky as you can get a positive or a negative pregnancy test. You can’t buy an expired pregnancy test other than if the chemist also trades for faking pregnancy tests. You’ll have to plan your prank months earlier and then get a pregnancy test that will expire by that time. Maybe your friend has an expired pregnancy test, and you think of this! A pregnancy test lying at home since long can work. You can even expose the pregnancy test to harsh conditions for accelerating the damage caused.

Use an already used pregnancy test for faking positive pregnancy test:

An already used pregnancy test can give you a positive pregnancy test. However, this method should be last on your list of possible ways to fake a pregnancy test. A used pregnancy test is a house of germs and keeping it makes the particular place dirty too.

Keep the pregnancy test for long can help to fake positive pregnancy test:

If you keep the pregnancy test standing for long even after getting a negative pregnancy test, then it will develop evaporation lines. You can fake a pregnancy test with evaporation lines. Evaporation line is a mark left by urine after it has completely evaporated. You’ll have to wait for the time when the urine evaporates entirely. Your partner needs to be amateur if you plan to fool him with evaporation lines.

Heating of the pregnancy test can help fake a positive pregnancy test:

Heating a pregnancy test can give you a fake pregnancy test. The hCG antibodies in the pregnancy test will undergo degradation and hence will give a color even in the absence of hCG. This will get you a positive pregnancy test.

Add color to your urine to fake a positive pregnancy test: Another way to get a positive pregnancy test is to add food color or other water-based colors to your urine. This is the reason why people get a false positive pregnancy test due to colored urine. You can rudder the odds to favor you. You can make use of this to get a fake positive pregnancy test. Always use a water-based color so that it dissolves completely in the urine.

Add soap to your urine sample: Soap can cause a false positive pregnancy test. Adding soap to your urine will make it reactive. This urine will go and make the hCG antibodies give a color. This will help you fake a pregnancy test. Foam soap with a small amount of water and add it to your urine. Allow the foam to settle and then you have a positive pregnancy test.

Buy an ovulation test kit in place of pregnancy test to give you fake positive test:

A brilliant way of faking positive pregnancy test is buying an ovulation predictor test instead. An ovulation kit only tests whether you have ovulated. Ovulation is releasing of egg every month by an ovary. It looks like a pregnancy test. A normal fertile woman ovulates on the 14th day of her menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is different from the dates of a month. Take the ovulation test when you see the symptoms of ovulation and present it as a pregnancy test.

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