Ever wondered what your sexual health would be rated if you could have an evaluation. You know, kinda like a report card? Well, we do!

But if we are real about it- there is no normal to sex. Depending on who you are, what your path has been in life, your body, your focus in career and values it varies as the day is long!

Some people are married to their high school sweetheart and have been for 60 + years. Some have married at the age of 50 for the 5th time and have had over 20 + partners. We are a great show of humans on this planet earth!

Average Age of Intercourse

The Kinsey Institute puts the average starting point for sexual adventures in the teenage years. For girls, we lose our virginity at the average age of 17.2 years old. For the guys out there, your average going rate is 16.8 years old. Jumping the gun a bit, eh?

Saving Up for Marriage

So you know there are a few virtuous souls out there. The primary reasoning for abstinence until marriage has historically been religious with the 3% of people who actually just say no to S-E-X until the bands are on the finger.

No Sex At All

Okay, so according to a poll among 25 to 45 year olds a sizable amount of those said people have never had sex at all…or so they say. Of the men polled, 5 % said they have never done the deed and 2% of women said they have never swam the waters as well.

Age Ranges and Amount of Sex

In a number of studies it has been shown that depending on the age range the level of sexual activity varies. In looking at the different age groups it is interesting to note the general growth of an individual in society but we know that it definitely is just a rough guideline. With each person is a different path of beliefs, values, opinions, and life experiences. We're all pretty little unique snowflakes after all, right? Just don't ask Fight Club.

18-29 Year Olds

It might be an innate thing to know but according to studies it shows that younger folks have sex more than older folks. The average get your sexy on times for both men and women in this category is at 112 times per year. We have some catching up to do…now to find a boyfriend!

30-39 year olds

The thirties…where life changes from partying to kids for a lot of couples. The number does drop for this group- you still have a bit of honey left over from the honeymoon having sex at an average of 86 times per year.

40-49 year olds

Work and family is on the forefront for 40-49 year olds. Keeping with the Joneses and planning family vacations is the norm here leaving this age group at a slightly less sexy time rate of 69 times per year.

50 + year olds

Now it may seem at this age that people slow down and don't care too much about getting the deed on but with more available time and being more relaxed in life the numbers are still up there and can skyrocket depending on the lifestyle!

Marriage and Sex

A study conducted among married couples showed a wide variety of percentages of sexual encounters. 13% had sex a few times per year, 45% a couple times per month, 34% 3-4 times per week, and only 7% having more than that.

What does this say about your own sexy time?

Well, nothing actually! You can see general patterns in studies like the ones mentioned here that you might find familiar but all in all it has to do with you and what makes you happy and fulfilled sexually.

Studies show that the happiest couples have sex 3-4 times per week so don't feel the pressure to be a mad psycho nymph! Now go on and be your playful, free selves!

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