Are you on the dating scene right now and wondering why it seems a little bit hard to find a match? Of course, you could be doing all the right things- namely in just being yourself and standing in the confidence of that- but just in case you were wondering here is a list of the top 10 things guys find unattractive in the Lady kind.

X out Ex Talk

Guys hate, hate, hate ex talk. Just don't do it. Say no to the ghost of your once true love.

Put it in the past…lay your ex in your mind's ground with a nice little tombstone that says "RIP".

Getting Schwasted

Don't get too turned up with the cosmopolitans and manhattans, Ladies. Nothing says unattractive faster than you trying to articulate in slurs and tears something magnificently important to you but can't be understood for squat.

Smart Phones are not Smart at all

Phones…let's all face it- men and women alike. It's just not nice to show you would rather be interested in a screen rather than the person who is sitting right in front of you.

Our phones have become a security blanket for us in today's world. We use them as an anchor for our focus when we get nervous, not quite sure what to do in a social situation more times that naught. Next time you find yourself reaching for your phone see if you can take a breath and breathe into the uncomfortable part of it all and smile at your boy!

Yelling At The Club

That's right- it's not like your voice is going to sound like Ariana Grande over the tune that's going on. More often than naught it ends up sounding shrill and makes most men want to run away. If you want to talk, find a place that's quieter or just use the opportunity of loud beats and a dance floor to show your honey what you got! Baby got back!

Movie Time

A killer for sure can be asking your date about plot points- it intimates your half-interest in his favorite screen time. This isn't the case in all cases- of course it depends on how you both came to watching the movie.

If you both like to commentate like MST3000 then geek away. Otherwise, most men want you to be so involved in the story that asking plot points would be a moot point.

Duck Face

Say no to the Duck. The duck face that is. Just stop taking duck face selfies! Unless Donald Duck is your dad it's a blend of typical "trying to hard" verging on the edge of "trashy". Don't be too hard on yourself for having subjected yourself to the Duck…we've all done it at some point.


Guys hate it when you resort to "What?" as a filler for conversation. Next time there is a pause in a conversation, be comfortable with it. You don't have to offer anything. Better silence than a "what?

I Dinna Understand

You don't get points for being dumb. When you say things like "I don't read," or "I don't like math," men don't find it cute. Intelligence is more attractive than your ignorance.

If you are saying these things simply because you feel inferior to your date it's time to take a breath and realize you have all the knowledge you need to connect with your interest and can always read up/explore whatever topic talked about that you may not know too much of as of yet.

Baby talk

Baby talk to kids,baby talk to animals, baby talk period. Even babies don't do it! It just makes you look a bit nervously nuts- just take a breath and be yourself, Lady.

Hit the streets with Confidence!

All in all, the lesson is to be confident and comfortable in yourselves, Ladies. This list is, for the most part, idiosyncrasies developed from not feeling confident, worth enough. Just take a chill pill, breathe, and know that you are enough. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether a guy approves of you or not, what matters is how you feel about yourself when you hit the pillows at night. Think about that first and how that can be the best possible and then your yellow brick road of dating will be all the smoother for it!

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