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1 Sex is definitely one of the best things about being human, and a healthy sex life is key to one's wellbeing. However, there are several myths surrounding it, and men who've never experienced the joys of intercourse are more susceptible to these myths. If you are virgin too, then here are some things you must know.

2 Erections are not supposed to last more than 3-5 minutes: You may have seen men performing non-stop for 40 minutes in a porn video, but it will not happen in real life. According to studies, most men ejaculate within 3 to 5 minutes after penetration.

3 Foreplay is just as important: More often than not, just vaginal intercourse isn't enough to make your woman orgasm. If you want to be a good lover, you must know all the basics – and that includes foreplay tricks like good kissing, breast stimulation, etc.

4 Your first time may not live up to your expectations: You may have dreamt about this day, but when it actually happens, it may not turn out as well. Don't be too disappointed. Just like everything else, you get better at sex with time.

5 Size doesn't matter: If you are worried that you penis may not be as big as the ones they show in porn videos, and feel inadequate, fret not. Size does not matter as much as performance. Unless you have a micropenis (a condition where your penis measures less than 3 inches when erect), you should be fine.

6 Wearing two condoms won't make the sex 'safer': If you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, wear a condom. But, don't wear two! This extra caution will increase the chances of the condoms slipping out, and may make the sex riskier rather than safer.

7 Masturbation isn't unhealthy: Masturbation does not have any side effects, and is a healthy way to release your sexual tension. It refreshes your semen, reduces stress and according to one study, it even reduces your chances of prostate cancer.

8 There is no safe cycle where you can have unprotected sex without risking unwanted pregnancy: Some may say that having unprotected sex during her periods will ensure that she doesn't get pregnant. While the chances are definitely lower, you might want to still wear a condom in order to be safe and prevent any chances of STDs.

9 You may find anxiety playing spoilsport during your first sexual encounter. In sex, your genitals aren't the only organs that are involved. Have nothing to fear, and remember that you don't have to prove anything to anyone.

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