Choosing a life partner isn’t an easy task but if your man has some of the qualities in this list, you should marry him.

1. He always checks on you no matter how busy he is.

2. He always makes time to be with you no matter how busy he is because you are his priority.

3. He has no ex-girlfriend drama.

4. He buys you gift even when it’s not your birthday or anniversary.

5. He acts mature and makes his own decisions. His friends or parents don’t make decisions for him.

6. He knows how to take good care of himself.

7. He knows how to handle you when you’re in a bad mood.

8. He always takes your side in public even if you’re wrong.

9. He celebrates your success and he is your biggest fan.

10. He takes good care of you.

11. He knows the things you like.

12. He loves spending time with kids.

13. He never goes days without calling you and keeping in touch.

14. No strange number pops up on his phone and he has nothing to hide.

15. He loves having fun with you.

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