Want to make a woman come fasts? Get her to have an orgasm?


What is the G-Spot?
It’s been an argued over time, does the G-spot exist? The Answer would be YES! The G-Spot is an area of the Vagina that leads to strong sexual arousal and powerful orgasms when stimulated.

Touching the G- Spot, it feels clearly different from the rest of the vagina feeling like the softer version of your mouth palate. It feels slightly dimpled but so very soft to touch.
To find the G-spot with fingers, enter your vagina with 1 or 2 fingers and curl those fingers backward once they are 2-3 inch deep inside. You would now be able to feel the softer part of the vagina which is the G- Spot.

Knowing just the location of the G-spot is good enough but isn’t best enough to drive a girl to orgasm. If you strongly want to get her aroused and scream for more. You should consider the tricks below:

Some people call it “Romance”. Foreplay is an important factor for having good sex. Most people tend to see this factor as optional, taking it for granted meanwhile adding quality foreplay to sex enhance the pleasure derived from it. For my list, quality foreplay is an important point to indulge in if you wish to have really crazy and amazing sex.
To foreplay like a pro, you have to touch and kiss your partner in places you know would turn them on. Kiss from the neck down through the chest/breast to the navel and the lower belly. Run your finger through your partner’s thigh as you kiss them passionately, this would trigger that sexual and erotic feelings. You can suck your partner’s nipple slowly with light pressure and caress her clits. The main aim for your touches is to turn your partner on as much as possible.

• The Arch sex position: This is an exciting sex position in which a great deal of pleasure can be extracted. The woman resting with her shoulders enter into a bridge position as the man kneels between her legs. This offers deep and intense penetration which is great stimulation for the G- Spot.

The Rear Entry sex positions: This sex position is both hot and intimate. This position gives an extra thrill, which would enable finding and hitting the G-Spot

• The Doggy style sex position: The doggy sex position not only stimulates the woman’s vaginal wall but also penetrates her G-Spot.

• The Jockey sex position: This is a fantastic way of finding intimacy and the G-Spot. The man can kiss the woman’s neck and ears for an additional sensation.

• The See-Saw sex position: For this sex position, the passion and stimulation that would be experienced by both partner are very intense. The man can even thrust into his partner though it is a woman that is in control and pull her closer to him, so he can kiss her neck and breasts. The See saw offers a high range of sexual pleasure.

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