We all love chocolate. Chocolate is amazing and actually isn’t bad for you, unless you’re eating, like, the entire Cadbury factory or something. Chocolate comes from a fruit tree; it's made from a seed. Theobroma Cacao is the tree that produces chocolate.

Below are 7 amazing facts about chocolate!

1 Chocolate Is Good For Your Teeth

Studies show that chocolate isn't bad for your teeth and might actually be good for them! Wait, don't start brushing your teeth with Choco Milo yet. Scientists found that cocoa beans actually prevent mouth and tooth decay and that chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect. So chewing on a chocolate bar isn't the best remedy. But cocoa beans might help!

2. Chocolate Was A Form Of Medicine

Throughout history, cocoa was used to treat a variety of ailments from fevers to stomach aches to tuberculosis. It has a long, long medicinal reputation. A chocolate bar probably won't cure you of the flu today, but it might make you feel better if your blood sugar is low.

3. Chocolate Was Used As Money

In Mayan history, cacao beans were used as currency. The beans were literally coins and were even counterfeited! And the only people who consumed chocolate were the extremely wealthy who had extra to waste.

4. Dark Chocolate Is The Best

Chocolate has flavonoids, which give off anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and cell-protective effects. Flavonoids have been linked to lowering the risk of heart disease. But dark chocolate has the highest amount of flavonoids with 536 milligrams per 1.4-ounce serving.

5. White Chocolate Isn't Really Chocolate

White Chocolate isn't technically Chocolate, as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor. White chocolate doesn't contain any chocolate solids. Instead it's made out of cocoa butter and other dairy products.

6. It Won't Keep You Up At Night

Many claim that chocolate has a bunch of caffeine, but it actually doesn't. Chocolate barely has any caffeine and even has less than soda and coffee.

7. Chocolate Does Make You Happy

Chocolate contains a chemical called serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter for good feelings. Serotonin also curbs feelings of depression. Eating chocolate literally makes you happy because you're taking in happy feelings.

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