This year I resolve myself to ignore my arch nemesis in culinary choices and pay much more attention to that angelic voice helping me dine sensibly.

The single most important criteria for judging a food has always been its taste. We pick our favorite foods based on how much we like its taste. Other criteria such as nutritional value, health benefits, shelf life, among others, are considered only if there’s a green signal for the taste. However, in the past few years, an increasing percentage of people have become conscious about the foods they consume. The calories and fats present in a food item are scrutinized much closer now than they would be earlier. People tend to eat healthily and avoid foods that are fattening. As more and more individuals become health conscious, here is a list of the most fattening foods out there:

10. Milk Chocolate

Rich, creamy, and melts in your mouth – milk chocolate is simply heavenly. However, it’s not quite the angel from the nutritional point of view. The milk chocolate that is produced commercially, for example, Cadbury & Hersheys, has a variety of artificial sweeteners and sugar. While all of these blends together brilliantly to produce an exquisite taste, even a small bar of chocolate can contain a high number of calories. If you are a ‘chocoholic’ and are struggling to lessen your chocolate intake, you should try dark chocolate instead, which although bitter, has less sugar and calories.

9. French Fries

Be it the crispy cheese fries at McDonald’s, or simple potato slices fried at home – everyone loves them. Yet, they’re not good for the body. Since they are deep fried in oil, they can be particularly fattening. Especially the oils that are used in fast food chains like McDonalds’s are made to last longer, and hence contain even more fats. Despite how they seem to be a quick and simple snack, eaten with ketchup or mayonnaise, french fries are not the healthiest foods out there. If you’re looking forward to losing weight or switching to a healthy diet, you should consider steering clear of french fries.

8. Cheeseburgers

Be it from Burger King or McDonald’s, everyone loves their cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers also happen to be a part of many Americans’ diet – millions are sold in the USA daily. However, cheeseburgers are not the healthiest foods around. This is evidenced by the increasing number of obese people in the USA annually. Multiple cheese slices, fried patties, mayonnaise and ketchup – all jointly make cheeseburgers full of carbohydrates that add to the body weight. As a result, more and more people are now shifting to vegan burgers that contain more healthy, green vegetables and less of ingredients that are fattening in nature.

7. Ice-cream

Children, teenagers, adults – there are few who don’t like the cooling and delicious taste of ice-cream. Almost a requirement during summer, and a food item that is consumed all around the year as well, there are few food items as satisfying as ice-cream. Sadly, ice-cream requires substantial amounts of sugar to taste as good as it does. More so, commercially produced ice-creams contains additional preservatives and substances meant to keep them last longer. Although sugar-free ice-creams do exist, they don’t taste as good, and the best solution is to cut down on your intake if you’re looking to avoid fattening foods.

6. Cookies

Made from flour and loads of chocolate, cookies contain a high portion of sugar and fattening ingredients. Even though they seem irresistible when they come out piping hot from the oven, and melt in your mouth, they’re not good enough nutritionally to be consumed regularly. Packaged cookies like Oreos are even more fattening as they contain artificial sweeteners as well, pushing up the calorie intake. Like all other solutions for fattening foods, you should consume minimal cookies to prevent them from adding that extra layer of fat to your body.

5. Sugared Coffee

A morning staple for people all around the world, and also one that can be consumed any time of the day, coffee is omnipresent. The most consumed beverage in the world is also somewhat addictive because of its caffeine content. However, coffee, when consumed with sugar and milk, can also be quite fattening, adding to your health concerns. If you can’t go without your daily coffee and are wary of your waistline, you should stick to black coffee instead of sugar-sweetened coffee. Although it’s more bitter and raw and does not add in the sweet kick that coffee with sugar and milk does, black coffee can still help you avoid those extra calories.

4. Fried chicken

There are few non-vegetarians who aren’t fans of fried chicken. It’s crispy, juicy, and sumptuous – taking a chicken to the point of perfection. However, all the delicious pros come along with worrying cons. Despite how good it might taste, fried chicken is not good for the body because of how oily and fattening it can be. Fried chicken that is sold commercially is all the more unhealthy. Grilled and baked chicken are healthier alternatives to fried chicken that do not contain as many unhealthy fats and calories.

3. Cakes

From birthdays to everyday treats, cakes are always present in the happy moments of our lives. From vanilla to pineapple, chocolate truffle to black forest – they’re sweet delights that everyone with a sweet tooth loves. But, with all the tasty slices, also come the taxing worries of hundreds of calories. Because of the amount of cream, cocoa, and sugar that goes into making cakes so creamy and delicious, the calorie figures also shoot up. Thus, eating cake involves a terribly difficult trade-off – between enjoying its taste, or eating healthy.

2. Pizza

From the Italian peninsula to the far-reaches of the entire world, pizzas have become universal. With varying crusts and myriad toppings, pizzas present a burst of flavor that few other foods do. Extra cheese makes it all the more worthwhile but also fattening. Processed meats that are used in making pizzas commercially contain a high number of calories and increase the chances of people becoming obese. However, you can still enjoy pizza, given the toppings used are healthy vegetables and the crust is whole-grain. Although if you’re a hardcore pizza lover looking to eat healthily, your only alternative would be to reduce your intake!

1. Soft drinks & Soda

Soft drinks and sodas are consumed casually by people all over the world. They can quench your thirst, or help you gulp down your food. In essence, they also taste great. Yet, despite how they’re sold cheap and easily available, they aren’t good for your body. They contain large amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners that are full of calories. Drinking too many soft drinks or soda will eventually take a toll on your body fat and increase the size of your belly. Moreover, they aren’t good for your teeth as well. The best thing to do is to reduce consumption to a minimum in order to maintain your diet and stay nutritious.

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