The way you behave when meeting your partner's parents for the first time matters a lot.

It reveals your character and the kind of partner you will be to their child.

To ensure that you don’t misbehave, here are some useful tips if you are planning to visit bae's parents:

1. Avoid being wasted

When meeting your partner’s parents, you should make sure that you are sober.

Going to meet your partner's parents when you are not sober will leave a bad impression.

If you are meeting your future parents in law, you need to be present and coherent.

This can only be possible when you have a clear and sober mind.

2. Don’t lie or exaggerate to make yourself look good

Even though one needs to be good in the eyes of his or her partner’s parents, they should not lie.

Lying to your partner’s parents might cost you a lot.

If you happen to lie and the truth comes out later, your partner’s parents won’t be happy with you.

3. Don't dress like a slob

When meeting your partner’s parents, your dressing code matters a lot.

Avoid putting on your pyjamas or any outfit that will make you look like a slob.

Put on a decent outfit, show some effort to leave a good impression.

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