1) In 1999, First division Romanian soccer midfielder Mario Bugeanu, 24, and Mirela Iancu, 23, couldn't wait to make love on Sunday. As soon as the car was parked, they consummated their passion. They died from carbon monoxide poisoning shortly thereafter, inside the vehicle they left running in the garage during their liaison. The couple was discovered by Mario's father Monday morning.

2) Jean-Guenolé-Marie Daniélou, S.J. a Jesuit theologian, historian, cardinal and a member of the Académie française died in 1974 in the home of a prostitute allegedly having sex with the lady of the night. However, it was claimed by the Society of Jesus that he was bringing money to pay for the bail of the prostitute's lover. The French Press and the general public however, remain cynical of the Cardinal's altruism.

3) In 2013, a woman named Sharai Mawera was mauled and killed by a lion in Zimbabwe during intercourse. Her male companion fled and survived. The woman who was also a vendor was mauled to death by the lion but her married boyfriend managed to escape naked and he was only wearing a condom. The two were having their quality time in Kariba, near one of Africa's largest man-made dams.

4) Félix Faure, president of France from 1895 to 1899, died while receiving fellatio from his mistress, Marguerite Steinheil. The cause of death was listed as a cerebral hemorrhage. Eyewitnesses stated he was in a state of partial undress when he died and Steinheil had lockjaw, necessitating the surgical removal of Faure's penis from her mouth. This version is disputed by some historians.

5) Pope John XII died on 14 May 964; one story relates that he died of a paralytic stroke suffered while having sex with a woman named Stefanetta. He may have died instead when the woman's husband defenestrated John or beat him to death with a hammer during the act.

6) Jack McConaughey, father of actor Matthew McConaughey, died of a heart attack in 1992 while having intercourse with his wife, Kim.

7) A Houston woman died in 1997 after she fell from a balcony in Los Angeles during sex with her boss. It was ruled a homicide by the Los Angeles County coroner's office after they investigated and concluded that he likely pushed her over the balcony railing during their encounter.

8) Lord Palmerston, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, died in 1865 following a brief illness; sources disagree about the immediate circumstances of his death. It is rumored that sex on a billiard table with a maid precipitated his demise, but this account is disputed, with other sources stating that he died of pneumonia.

9) Nelson Rockefeller, former Vice President of the United States and heir to the Rockefeller family fortune, died at 70 of a heart attack, rumored to be caused by an orgasm during intercourse with his assistant, Megan Marshack. The unusual circumstances surrounding his death caused New York Magazine to quip, "Nelson thought he was coming, but he was going". Contemporaneous accounts of his death differed greatly and his hasty cremation left the exact cause of death uncertain

10) An unnamed thrall-girl was sacrificially murdered while having sex during the burial ceremony of a Scandinavian chieftain, according to the 10th-century account of Ahmad ibn Fadlan. Fadlan's account of a Norse chieftain's burial is unique, so it is not clear if the practices he described were common.

11) An Atlanta police officer died in 2009 from atheroschlerotic coronary artery disease while engaged in a threesome. His widow sued his doctor and was awarded a $3 million settlement, with the jury finding that the doctor did not properly diagnose and treat the police officer's pre-existing health issues.

12) A York County, Pennsylvania, woman died in 2008 when she was electrocuted by homemade nipple clamps. Her death was ruled a homicide.

13) Japanese writer Isamu Togawa suffered heart failure due to his chronic arrhythmia; according to Taro Maki, Togawa died during sexual intercourse at his hotel room. Togawa's younger brother Itaru Kikumura also acknowledged that Togawa died during sex, though this theory was denied by Tsuneo Watanabe.

14) In January 2014, A Zimbabwe senior police officer died after having sex with a 19-year-old girlfriend in Chinhoyi. The married cop, Inspector Gardner Chabvuta who was reportedly in his mid 40s, died at his girlfriend's house, Tariro Shavati, who is still a teenager.

15) In 2012, a highly sex-hungry Malawian man collapsed and died while having sex with a prostitute. POlice in the country said the man was killed by the prostitute's "sexual sweetness". Fletcher Jere picked the hooker from the Ndirande suburb of the capital, Blantyre, 'to quench his libido. But he suddenly collapsed and fell off a bed after a steamy sex romp with the prostitute.

16) A businessman in Nigeria died after being raped by five of six wives. The man, Uroko Onoja decided to have sex with his youngest wife during the wee hours of the morning in July 2013. His five other wives became jealous and barged into his master bedroom. The women were armed with knives and sticks and began attacking Onoja. They eventually forced Onoja to have sex with them as well. He had sex with four of his wives in a row. But once the fifth wife approached to have sex with Onoja, he stopped breathing and eventually died.  

17) A married Nigerian man, Amaechi Uche Padmore, was arrested and hauled before a Lagos court on the allegation that his lover, Edith Nwokolo, another man’s wife, died while he was having sex with her in 2012.

18) Again in Zimbabwe, a Bindura businesswoman, 55-year-old Gladys Farai Mangwiro, died while having with a top High Court judge Justice Charles Hungwe. The judge rushed to the police when the woman became unresponsive after the two engaged in a sex act and reported himself to police. He was however lucky after the woman's family chose not to press any charges on him.

19) Victoria Olagah was an unemployed woman in Ghana. On October 31, she invited her new boyfriend, Julius, for the first time to her house. The kids in the compound house were asked to leave the grounds. The two had hot sex until the woman died!

20) A 1-month pregnant married woman died while having sex with another man in Ghana. The 28-year-old woman who had two children with her husband and was expecting their third born, left her husband at home and proceeded to have several rounds of sex with her boyfriend until she died. The boyfriend was only identified as Salifu.

21) Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez, 53, from Tivoli, Texas, in USA, died while raping an elderly woman at knifepoint in her home in 2011. rode two miles from his home on his bike and broke into his 77-year-old victim's house. While he was raping her at knifepoint, he told her he wasn't feeling well and stopped so he could rest. Moments later he went back to have more sex with the granny until he rolled over and died.

22) A Namibian couple, for some reason chose to pose for the photo whilst lying down in the middle of the road. The couple however decided to go one step further by having sex in the middle of the road. The outcome saw them both run over by a truck. The post mortem on the bodies revealed that the couple both had high levels of alcohol in their system.

23) Young lovebirds Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston from South Carolina met in the bar they worked in together. The 21-year-old couple got caught up in the heat of passion one night after work… on the roof. During sex, they fell off said roof, which was 15 metres high. Their naked bodies were found on the road below by a taxi driver. In what must have looked like part two of the Namibian couple in the road at first, it was realised soon after that they had begun their intercourse on the roof where their clothes were found.

24) In 2005 a man was found dead on his ranch in Washington. It was discovered that he had died from internal bleeding after having sex with his horse. Police investigating soon discovered that the man was part of a disturbing cult who regularly took part in bestiality. Also found in the storehouse was a large quantity of porn featuring animals. To top the bizarreness surrounding this case, no one was charged after the incident because sodomy is not illegal in Washington.

25) This one deserved to be the last one. 30-year-old Ghanaian man shags his 75-year-old girlfriend to death, continues shagging her even after she had died.
A 30-year-old man named Robert Ashitey literally did just that to his 75(!!!)-year-old partner, Suameter Denou, in Ghana. Rampant Robert didn’t even notice his partner had died and was carrying on as normal. He only stopped when Suameter’s caretaker walked in, realised what was happening and hit Robert over the head with a stick. Rampant Robert is now on trial for murder as Suameter's family seeks compensation for funeral expenses.

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