Did you know that consuming bananas can help improve your chances of getting pregnant? Banana is enriched with vitamins that help boost fertility. An imbalance of hormones affects the quality of eggs produced in females and semen produced in males, thereby affecting reproduction. So when you eat bananas, you are introducing vital Vitamins that would give your reproductive organs that extra push needed. Bananas contain important nutrients for the  mum. These are…

Vitamin B6 which helps to regulate hormones.

Folate which helps prevent birth defects and in producing new red blood cells and DNA

Magnesium which ensures proper blood supply to the Uterus, and produces a hormone called progesterone which is vital to the woman’s menstrual cycle.

Potassium which is essential for muscle strength, pH balance, and muscle strength.

For women who have been finding it difficult to conceive, Banana and egg with milk recipe is the answer,

Trust me this one works. I introduced this recipe to my aunt and she used it, it actually worked for her. I have also introduced it to some few women I've had the chanced to introduce it to.


Blend two pieces of banana together,

Add one cup/tin of liquid milk, two uncooked egg and one teaspoon of bicarbonate soda.

Blend well and drink immediately after your menstruation cycle.

Drink it only once and on an empty stomach earlier in the morning after ur menstrual cycle….

Good luck…..


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