Marrying a Tree

In India, women born with a specific astrological sign are forced to marry a tree. Indian women born into the astrological sign of Manglik are thought to be cursed, and in order to prevent their betrothed from an early death, they are first married to a tree and then the tree is destroyed. This is thought to break the curse and leaves her free to marry.

Playing Cupid

A groom from Yugur culture in China actually shoots his bride three times with a bow and arrow! The arrows don't have heads, so they aren't lethal, but still painful. After shooting her, the groom will break each arrow to ensure that he will love her forever.

Hope For Twins

Marriages in the Neur tribe of Southern Sudan aren't completed until the wife has given birth to two children. If she has not had the requisite two babies, then the groom is able to divorce her.

Some Awkward Assistance

In some African villages, the honeymoon isn't exactly as intimate as it is in other places. Rather than just the bride and groom sharing their wedding bed, an older women accompanies them to "show the bride the ropes." While it's usually a village elder, sometimes it will be the bride's own mother.

Something's Fishy

After a Korean wedding, friends of the groom will remove his shoes and socks and beat his feet with fish. This is meant to prepare the groom for his wedding night…somehow.

Keep It Down!

In France, the friends and family of the newlyweds will bang on pots and pans while screaming outside of the married couple's home on the first night there. The most unfortunate part is that the couple can't just ignore their yelling friends, they have to appease them with food and drinks when heard.

Serious Business

The bride and groom are not allowed to smile during a wedding in the Congo. And smiling isn't just forbidden during the wedding ceremony — the bride and groom have to keep a serious face for all of the reception and even in their wedding photos!

Capture the Shoe?

Some Indian weddings include a bizarre game akin to capture the flag in the middle of the ceremony. The groom removes his shoes as he approaches the altar, and then the game begins. The bride's family tries to grab the shoes while the groom's family protects them. If the bride's family takes the shoes, they can hold them ransom from the groom's family.

Toilet Time

After a French wedding ceremony, the bride and groom's friends will fill a toilet bowl with any leftovers of bits of trash they deem sufficiently gross, and then the bride and groom must drink from it. Nowadays, the trash is often substituted for chocolate, but it's still drunk out of a toilet bowl.


A couple that wants to get married within the Daur race — a people from Chinese Inner Mongolia — must kill a baby chick together with a knife and then inspect its liver. If the liver is unsatisfactory, then the couple must repeat the process until they find a good liver, and then they can set their wedding date.

Bye Bye, Bathroom

Newlyweds from the Tidong tribe in Northern Borneo are not allowed to leave their house for three days and nights after the wedding. Even worse, the couple is also banned from urinating or defecating during that time.

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