Human science has proved that an individual’s understanding of events and perception makes their behavioural patterns and choices; this compiles and sets the individual’s personality. Even his or her favourite sex position speaks a lot about his or her personality. If any of these 6 common sex position is your favourite, here’s what they say about you.

Woman On Top


You simply love taking things in your hands. Woman-on-top sex position is your favourite because you not only love to straddle him but also you love to be face-close to him so that you can steal as many kisses as you like. Which means you are super confident and take pride in how you are. You are emotionally intimate with him, maybe not in love with him entirely, and that’s why like to keep eye-contact with him during the act.

Doggy Or Cow

One important thing about doggy and cow sex positions is that they guarantee depth, and you know this! You have a high libido and you won’t mind not looking at him during the act. Also, you are so into it that you let him have the charge.


You want to feel secure and love to cuddle during the act. You love it when he whispers sweet nothings in your ears and this simple act gives you thrill. You may not need it but like feeling protected. Spooning is one of the most ‘caring’ sex positions. You like to be in your comfort zone and are very shameless about it, in a good way.


You simply do not like your time wasted and want to reach the ultimatum quickly but in a fun way. You also believe in the ‘give and take’ policy. You are outgoing and are always pumped with adrenaline. You love to experiment and are unapologetic about your unique and wild self.


You like doing things in the classic ways. You have a unique personality, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. And you know that well. Therefore, when people might consider you dull, you seem indifferent about their perception. You don’t mind commitment in a relationship. People might think you are too sentimental for your own good, but you are not. You are more of an observer than an experimenter.

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