We all have some device with us without which our life appears to be not possible to live. If you desire to remain these devices with you as extended as likely, then you have come to the true place. We have to remain all the knowledge around us in good situation if we are to make them last longer. But how to do so? I am going to react faithfully that. Here is a list of some tried and experienced tricks that we suggest to you to stay your devices happy. You need to often follow this behaviour to stay your tools clean so that you can enjoy their benefits for a longer time.

1: Earphones

Earphones are the worst when it comes to cleaning. Most us choose a toothpick and pick our way from end to end it. But there is another easy option, a toothbrush. So the next time you have to clean your earphones pick a toothbrush and a part of paper or towel located on the table; grasp the earphone with its grille facing downwards towards the document and carefully remove the dirt with the help of the toothbrush.

2: Electronic cords

Are you always anxious about how to dirt free those white electronic cords and get rid of the dirt? Do you achieve for some fluids containing mood to wash off the dirt? Well, don’t. Spirits can spoil the cords beyond repair. A simple option to this juice is an eraser. Yes, it’s that simple.

3: Headphone jacks

The size of these brushes almost matches the size of the hole for your headphones on the devices. But do not forget to switch of the devices entirely before cleaning it.

4: Screens of the devices

The screens of your devices should be cleaned using a microfiber cloth. Do not use paper towels instead because at the end of it you may leave some scratches on your screen. Go for microfiber cloth instead which is an accurate alternative.

5: Computer monitors

What if I tell that coffee filters work great in cleaning the dirt off your monitors? The material with which the filter is made will also not leave any scratches behind on your device.

6: The glass screen of the Smartphone

An ordinary paper is enough to clean the screens of your smartphones. Rub the paper in a circular motion on the screen and get rid of the dirt sitting on the screen. Do not use the ones made of plastic or liquid-crystalline material.

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