Intelligence comes in two forms: crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence is stored-up information and how-to knowledge. This form of intelligence grows as you age. Fluid intelligence peaks in early adulthood and then begins to decline gradually with time. Psychologists now believe that this form of cleverness can be improved. By setting aside time to exercise your mind, you can become more creative, focus better, and solve problems quicker. Also, find out about the proper nutrients your brain needs for enhanced intelligence.

15 Secrets to Increasing I.Q.

1. Be Active

If you don’t exercise regularly, now is a good time to start. Exercise contributes to overall physical and mental health. Having a healthy body leads to development of intelligence.

2. Write

Some people find that a journal is a good way to organize thoughts. Simple writing helps you gain a new perspective when you go back and read what you wrote.

3. Meditate

Research shows that meditation makes you smarter. Meditation increases the ability of the brain to make physiological changes, increases gray and white brain matter, and enables “whole brain synchronization”. Whole brain synchronization allows the left side of the brain to be connected with the right hemisphere.

4. Think

Involve yourself with books, documentaries, or board games that require critical thinking skills. By challenging your current assumptions, you are making yourself smarter.

5. Read Every Day

Try to read something nonfiction at least 30 minutes each day. Reading increases your intelligence and keeps you well-informed.

6. Have Hobbies

Do the things you love on a regular basis. Whether it’s bowling, knitting, or fishing, the more fun you experience, the easier it will be for you to assimilate new information.

7. Study I.Q. Puzzles

I.Q. puzzles can be found at your local book store. To keep your mind sharp, go over these repeatedly.

8. Be Creative

Create something. Write an ebook, plant flowers, build a model car. Using your mind to create something improves your ability to think.

9. Explore New Cultures

Seek out different worldviews other than your own. Learn about other culture’s food, traditions, and language.

10. Play Competitive Games

Chess is a good example of a competitive game that adds to your cleverness. Log on to the Internet and play with others around the world. Facebook offers many competitive games.

11. Watch Specific TV Shows

Researchers have found that certain TV shows can help you improve intelligence. Watch shows that have overlapping plot strands, moral ambiguity, and a large number of primary characters.

12. Socially Network

According to a recent report in Discover Magazine, social interaction enhances synaptic activity of the brain.

13. Play Video Games

Moms across the world can all give a sigh of relief. Video games improve math abilities and classroom behavior.

14. Listen to Music

Recent research studies show there is a connection between listening to music and improved memory. Music listening also boosts skills in science and math.

15. Get Enough Sleep

Most people require between 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. This time allows your brain to process the day by strengthening memories.

10 Foods that can Enhance Your I.Q.

1. Fish Oil

Whether you take supplements or eat wild salmon (or both), getting fish oil in your diet makes you smarter. Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are essential for brain function.

2. Vitamin B

The B vitamins improve memory and mood. Studies have shown that people who lack B vitamins in their bodies have greater mental decline. To get your Bs, eat turkey, beans, lentils, and bananas.

3. Breakfast

Dubbed “the most important meal of the day”, breakfast is brain food. Those who have a well-balanced breakfast show improved memory, creativity, focus, and overall performance.

4. Matcha

Matcha is a stone-ground, powered form of green tea, and it is an excellent food for increased mental alertness.

5. Antioxidants

These substances combat free-radicals in your body. To improve memory and problem solving, eat red kidney beans, blueberries, cranberries, and artichokes.

6. Ginkgo Biloba

Scientists have found that ginkgo biloba increases the blood flow to the brain to increase short-term memory, improve focus, and reduce dementia.

7. Avocado

This vegetable has monosaturated fat (the good kind), which increases blood flow. The brain needs blood to think. What’s more, avacados help lower blood pressure.

8. Meat and Fish

You find creatine in lean meat and fish. The body needs this substance for memory and intelligence. You can also buy creatine supplements at your local health food store.

9. Vitamin E

The E vitamin is necessary for brain health because it works as an antioxidant. Research has shown that Vitamin E delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Eat leafy green vegetables, kiwi, and nuts to up your intake of this vital nutrient.

10. Ginseng

This root improves mental stimulation, memory, and brain function. One recent report indicates that ginseng protects the brain from toxins.

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