1. It reduces pain, increases pain tolerance, and can just cure your aches. Stimulating the clitoris can have an analgesic effect. Sex can help relieve symptoms of menstrual cramps, arthritis, migraines, and more.

2.Sex is a natural antihistamine, helps get rid of hay fever and asthma. It prevents allergies. So say goodbye to Zyrtec, or Benadryl that makes you drowsy. Get your allergies tended to in the sexiest way possible.

3. It can also boost your immunity and fight other diseases. Sex increases the production of immunoglobulin A, which perks up your body's immune system. As proven by science, having more sex can remedy existing colds and flus, and even lower your chances of getting cancer and heart disease.

4. It will help keep you looking and feeling young. A healthy sex life will guarantee graceful aging and youthful look!

5. It will also help you focus and make you smarter. The increased blood flow between the body and the brain is the reason for this – when your body has an orgasm, it gets a shot of glucose, which your body converts into energy, allowing you to tackle that work project without any fear.

6. It burns calories and curbs your appetite! Who doesn't want an orgasm instead of an hour at the gym with other sweaty and depressed folks? Get your sweat on the sexy way instead. When your body releases oxytocin in sex, is also raises levels of a substance called CCK, which helps control appetite

7. It can fight cavities – semen is full of calcium, zinc, and other minerals that fight tooth decay. That doesn't mean that you can eat 'candy' every night like it's Christmas day, but these extra doses of minerals help make your chompers whiter and healthier.
12. It'll help you live longer. There have been studies with positive links between mortality and how frequently people engaged in intercourse. People might get grossed out by old person sex, but it's kept them alive for this long!

9. Oxytocin, serotonin, prolactin and endorphins are released in a man's semen, which is kind of like a wheat grass shot to a woman's system. It jolts us awake because it has a lot of mood-altering compounds, and when women absorb that, it can have the power to turn a horrible day into a calm and joyful one.

10. It can make a woman's period shorter! The more frequent orgasms you have, the more your uterus contracts. These contractions reduce cramps , and also expel more blood faster, shortening her period. Ladies and their men will both be grateful.

11. We got one for the boys too – a lot of sex helps prevent erectile dysfunction around the time that many men suffer the problem. If you get your freak on more than once a week, you're a lot less likely to experience that depressing facet of getting older. It can also improve prostate health.

12. It'll make your skin way better. Forget getting that costly monthly facial. You can get glowing skin for free with s_ex, which increases the circulation and oxygenation of blood, giving you a brighter complexion. orgasms can help heal damage that smoking and the sun has done, which shows on your face, and is one of our favorite benefits.

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